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AALL Tech Transmission

 AALL Tech Transmission in Richmond, BC

Looking for a full service transmission shop? CarFix BC is proud to be part of the AALL-Tech Transmission family. Our certified technicians provide complete transmission services for families across Richmond, Delta, and Vancouver, BC.

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Ask about our affordable On the Road Repayment Plan and low cost replacement cars, or come in for a free diagnostic and road test. Best of all, enjoy peace of mind knowing our Complete Warranty covers parts and labour. Transmission services and repairs don't have to be scary when you have AALL Tech Transmission on your side.

AALL Tech Transmission: Getting You Back on the Road Again

Transmissions are all we do. If your transmission is giving you problems, drop by for a free diagnostic and road test to find out exactly what's wrong. We’ll also perform a complete visual inspection to check for any noticeable problems. If you do need a repair, we’ve got you covered.

Transmission Services

The transmission is a major component of your car and something you shouldn't wait to service if you suspect trouble. At Car Fix BC, we perform:

We can rebuild transmissions, too. Anything you can think of involving your vehicle's transmission is our domain. Call your nearest location or set up an appointment online.

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Complete Warranty Protection

 AALL Tech Transmission in Richmond, BC

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a complete warranty on parts and labor. In fact, your complete AALL Tech Transmission warranty is one of the most comprehensive warranties in the automotive service industry.

It warrants your transmission and torque converter completely against failure of materials and workmanship during the warranty period indicated as long as you service your transmission annually. This means if you have any problems with your warranty rebuilt transmission, which is caused by defective materials or faulty workmanship, AALL TECH will correct the problem to your satisfaction.

Fill a form out at your nearest CarFix BC location.

On The Road Again Payment Plan

Need repairs but you’re a little short on cash? AALL Tech offers a flexible repayment plan that allows you to spread out payments for your transmission repair services. Don't make great sacrifices in other areas of your life due to transmission problems. Manage your money responsibly with our easy repayment plan.

When you need transmission service, CarFix BC and AALL Tech Transmission will be there. We're able to service European transmissions, too.

Free Towing & Affordable Replacement Cars

We provide free local towing to our shop. If you need a replacement vehicle while your own is being serviced, we also have many low-priced replacement vehicle options. It's just another way we get you back on the road.

Check Engine Light & Transmission Problems

AALL Tech Transmission in Richmond, BC

Should your "Check Engine" light come on, it's important to have it diagnosed immediately. We often are able to perform a no charge code check. In today's cars, the computer monitors every system and will turn on the "Check Engine" light when it detects a problem. That problem can be engine related, but it can also be a problem with the transmission, the fuel system, or the exhaust. When the computer senses a problem, it will set a code and revert to a limited operating condition. This means that your transmission may not shift correctly.

Below are common transmission problems:

  • Fluid Leak: It's essential that your vehicle have the proper amount of transmission fluid if you want your transmission to function correctly. Transmission fluid has three main purposes; it transmits power, acts as a heat exchanger, and lubricates. A leaking transmission can have an adverse effect on any or all of these functions. If you detect a leak, have your vehicle inspected to determine the source. A transmission can leak from one of nine to eleven external areas, many of which are considered minor. Keep in mind that where a transmission leaks and where it drips can be two different areas. Leaks may be caused by problems other than seals. Many times, leaks DO NOT indicate a serious problem although they can be the result of a serious mechanical failure on occasion. An inspection by a qualified technician is the best way to tell. It's important to stop leaks as soon as they become apparent, or major trouble is almost sure to follow.
  • Vehicle Won't Move: If your vehicle won't move or you're afraid to drive it any farther, have it towed to your nearest AALL TECH Transmission Center. Vehicles stop moving for many reasons, so let our professionals arrange for FREE LOCAL TOWING and evaluate it. We'll identify the problem and check for proper fluid level. We'll make certain that all of the linkages and cables that should be connected are connected. We'll evaluate the electronics and make recommendations. Our recommendations may range from an adjustment to replacing external parts to an internal inspection. Because of the complexity of late model vehicles, it is unwise to condemn your transmission before it's evaluated.
  • Slipping Gears: You put the selector into the appropriate range and begin to move forward. Suddenly, you feel the engine racing and the transmission lagging behind. We see this symptom quite often but what is difficult to determine is what is causing the transmission to slip. Transmissions slip for a variety of reasons including low fluid level, poor vacuum or a misadjusted or defective shift cable. When you're faced with this type of symptom, it's best to have it checked out by the professionals at AALL TECH.
  • Erratic Shifting: Erratic shifting is a relatively common symptom that your AALL TECH representative sees on a daily basis. Years ago, before transmissions became more complex, evaluating a vehicle that was shifting erratically was a relatively simple process. However, with the introduction of electronics, it requires the expertise of a trained and qualified technician. As transmissions today are more complex, it's important not to condemn the transmission solely on the basis of the symptom you feel. Many times our customers call with what appears to be a serious problem and it turns out to be something simple. Low fluid level, cable adjustments, and electronics are just a few of the areas that need to be checked. Your AALL TECH representative, along with his staff of trained technicians, will use the latest computer technology.

Manual transmissions also have their own set of common problems. Among them are problems with clutch pedal going down, the inability to shift gears, popping out of gear, and grinding when shifting gears. No matter the problem, our professionals can assist. We're glad to report that many times the problem is something small. The most important thing to do to make sure you don't pay more money is call your nearest CarFix BC service center when you notice a problem.

Did You Know: We're part of the Yellowpages Eco Program. This means our products, services, or corporate practice stand out in terms of environmental commitment. AALL TECH was identified through a rigorous selection process built in partnership with TerraChoice, a leading environmental firm and manager of the EcoLogoM program - Canada’s standard for environmental excellence.

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